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You have noticed I’ve added links to some blogs. OK, why are they here?

Rob Barry: I’ve known him since he was a kid — thought he probably wishes I hadn’t said that. We ‘met’ I suppose, when he found my BBS. But my first encounter with Rob was when he asked me to help him with a programming project he was toying with. Once, I faxed him answers to his homework. He’s what we call a ‘net’ friend because we’ve never officially met — though I did run into him at a Heat game many years ago. His blog is rather random, but I don’t mean that in a bad way.

Wil Wheaton: AKA Wesley Crusher. His blog is cool, and he seems to be a decent person. It proves sometimes you can be wrong about someone. Wil is not Wesley. Read his books, ok? Read his blog. I wish I were his friend.

Dave Barry: He’s been making my laugh nearly my entire life. What more can you say? People ask if Dave is my friend. It’s a nosey-ass question, don’t you think? Dave knows who I am and would recognize my name. I know who Dave is. We’ve met a few times. I’ve not been to his house, and he’s not been to mine. His blog is listed because it’ll make you laugh even though it’s mostly Judi who makes the posts.

Ernest Reardon: He’s another ‘net’ friend. He’s a talented photographer, BTW. He’s here because his blog is so real life. Read it and you’ll see what I mean. His blog is like Wheaton’s without the celebrities.

Neil Gaiman: I’m a fan. He’s an amazing writer and his blog can be quite interesting.
— Eric

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