Why I hate my car….

A few weeks ago, I took my car in for the 40,000 mile service. It also needed a brake job and to have the rotors turned. It wasn’t ready on the appointed day because “we have to take it for a test drive before we return the car to you.” That was the exact line.

I got it the next day and the brakes didn’t work right. The steering wheel vibrated heavily as you tried to stop; the harder the stop the worse the vibration. I had to take it back.

After the second trip (brakes fixed), I put in gas and drove to work. The next start (and the VERY NEXT MORNING) the “Check Engine” light came on. I was told that I could possibly reset the light (as it may have been spurious) by removing the 20amp EFI fuse while the car was off. No big deal. I did it. It didn’t work. Third trip to the dealer, they reset it. Made it about 4-1/2 miles when the light comes on again — spurious my ass.

They assured me it wasn’t a big deal, suggested I tried to reset it again, and gave me an appointment for the following week (this upcoming Thursday). Today I left my house around 840am, and I am 30+ miles from home and put gas in, and try to reset the light again. Unfortunately, in the midst of taking out the fuse and reinserting at (after the 30 second wait), I accidentally knocked out the EFI relay. It fell into the engine compartment and didn’t fall through. A search by me, the station attendant, my friend Thomas, followed by vigorous shaking of the car failed to produce it. A trip to four auto parts stores all said “dealer only part” — no dealers are open Sundays. The car will not operate without this relay. I called the service number who asked why exactly I was playing in the box, and I told them. They were appalled at the fact I was told to do so. They sent me a tow truck (we shall not discuss towing fees) to tow me back to my house. It’s now 230pm and I’ve not yet eaten today. [added 1/31/05: I had a second tow to the dealer this morning. They were ‘shocked’ to see me. As if. Anyway, they gave me a loaner. It got a nail in the tire. I now have my original car back. It appears to work

— Eric

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