Rob’s Blog and a catchy tune (Pluma-Pluma)

You’ve just got to see this. These are from my friend Rob’s blog. This was just too rich for an e-mail and I thought it should be here permanently. The links are now listed out here in-full for your viewing pleasure, and more importantly these are the original videos and not the edited ones that have been floating about.

(This is commonly referred to as the pluma-pluma guy or numa-numa guy)
The song is Dragostea Din Tei by O-Zone and is in Romanian.

Hockey Mascot:
(12-1-06 This is the Panthers Mascot doing the dance, Stanley C. Panther)

Two Gays:
[2-22-05 Teenager link is often overloaded — here’s a not-as-good edited version of that same video wherein someone has plugged in some still photos along with the dancing Josh Jones look-a-like.]

It must be noted that, for the record, a consensus of people — myself included — have determined the young man in the “Teenager” link looks remarkably like Joshua Jones. If Josh reads this, he may kill me, but it’ll be well worth it.

In another cruel twist of fate, you will not be able to get the damned song out of your head.

Cool Beans!

— Eric

[12-1-06 This post was updated to reflect new URLs]

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