Lennon & Sneezing Blood

It’s Monday and like all Mondays something has to go wrong.

I’m sneezing up blood. I’ve been sick for 12 days now; something with the sinuses ’cause it’s not really in my chest though now it seems like that it might be heading in that direction. That’s bad, right? It might be time for a doctor. Grumble.

In the good news department, I went to California for the day Saturday. I left Saturday AM and returned Sunday AM. The event? I saw the preview (before it goes on to the Great White Way) of the play Lennon. Very good. The music was, of course, awesome. The play is pretty straight-forward and autobiographical. Nothing revelatory here for the fan, but it’s amazing to see all these guys (and gals) playing Lennon. Definitely see it. Coming to Boston soon, and in San Francisco right now.

— E

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