Mean Creek and American Idiot

This was a banner weekend for audio and video.

First, I finally bought and listened to Green Day’s American Idiot . It’s fantastic through and through. Not your usual Green Day, but it’s just amazing. Not only does it (literally) rock, it’s got a great deal to say. I recommend this album to everyone who likes rock of any type. You’ll love it. I’m sorry I waited so long.

Second, I saw a movie called Mean Creek. I’d actually not heard of it until someone recommended it to me. Said it was sort of in the class of Stand By Me. Since SBM is a classic work, I figured I better give this film a look. I got the DVD, and noticed it won some awards and such, yet I really never did hear of it. I was scared because Rory Culkin (Macauly’s baby brother was in it) and didn’t think it bode well. However, fear not: he isn’t his brother. He can act. So can the other kids in it. It’s a great movie and it will leave you thinking. It’s a straight-up drama that will give you great pause as it run its course. I don’t want to give things away, so I shall skip discussing it further, but I give it two thumbs up, and encourage you to rent or buy this film.

— E

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