Family Guy

Okay, I’ve stalled long enough. It’s time for a new post, and here it is. Today’s subject ::drum roll:: is the TV show Family Guy. I’m new to the show, actually. I just started watching it this season, by accident. I am loathe to admit I like it, because it’s very lowbrow, but, I like it. A lot.

In fact, I like Family Guy so much I went and bought both DVD sets of the first three seasons. I’m almost done the first four DVDs and can’t wait to go into the next set.

It’s the kind of show that should piss me off. It uses lots of pop culture references which are supposed to be funny even though they’re just thrown in. It’s the reason that, although I liked Shrek, it never quite rang true for me. I hate throw-away stuff like that. The Simpsons uses the same types of references and weaves them cleverly into the plot.

Yet, I have to say Family Guy makes me laugh, so I’m watching it. Even without the pop culture throw-away stuff, it’s still got a lot going on. It’s well written (mostly), well voiced, and pretty damned entertaining.

I like Brian the dog the best, but we’ll get to that in a moment. I like Stewie as well. Chris is interestingly done. I find Peter to be the least interesting of the lot: he’s like Homer Simpson but a lot more stoopid (sic).

Ah, Brian the dog. He reminds me of an ex-friend. He’s got the same voice, the same mannerisms, and I didn’t even notice until today. I was on I-75 going about 80mph towards Sunrise to meet some friend for lunch and a hockey game when I had an Epiphany. Yes, it was Eric J. Hedlund, also known as Ptomaine*, disguised as a dog. Scary but true. So now, I think I like the show even more.

*Ptomaine is pronounced “Toe-Main” and if in the very rare chance any of his current friends read this post, be sure and call him Ptomaine 🙂 If you want to know what it means look in a dictionary. I’m not telling.

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