I have windows — Another Hurricane Wilma Update

I no longer have Glad(R) bags as windows! Yes, it’s true, my home’s windows are now back to being glass. My landscaping is mostly replanted and restored.

The only exterior visible damage is the roof, a section of rain gutter, and the freshly planted landscaping. The roof is no longer in the backyard and has been (im)properly disposed of. My roof is still partially up, I don’t really intended to mislead.

Interior damage is “limited” to the following areas:

  1. Inside the garage (ceiling collapse due to separation of the roof). The entire ceiling is collapsed.
  2. The kitchen drywall is ruined and separated from the wall. This is due to running water inside the walls. Again, coming from the roof. This is because the roof, well, it isn’t there. Some patchwork repairs were done by piling tiles over the now rotted-out plywood. It keeps the water from pouring in so fast.
  3. The guest bathroom, upstairs AC closet, upstairs hall, and staircase all have severe drywall damage again due to the roof. (See kitchen for boring description).
  4. My bedroom has some small damage around the AC duct. This is actually from water running down the ductwork from the leak in #3 — not due to a roof leak.
  5. My closet and shower have lots of mold stains on the ceiling which means there is water up above them that hasn’t yet come through.
  6. Oh and, of course, the roof.

Still waiting on the insurance company. I can see it’s not going well.

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