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First, we have Matt Deatherage’s blog post about Bush’s service record. Originally CBS was accused of forging the documents. Only, well, they weren’t forged. I don’t want to steal Matt’s blogging efforts, so go here to read it. I am never above a shot at Bush either so here’s a quick (old) joke before I go on:

Crawford, Texas (AP) — A tragic flood this morning destroyed the personal library of President George W. Bush. The flood began in the presidential bathroom where the books were kept. Both books have been lost. A presidential spokesman said the president was devastated, as he had almost finished coloring the second one. The White House tried to call FEMA but there was no answer. (from RHF 12-12-05 Henry Farkas)

Now, on to my next topic. I subscribe to a great weekly e-newsletter called This Is True, and you should too. Randy who runs it is a good guy. He doesn’t sell your information or even rent it out. Those of you who may remember and/or have been graced with those cool “Get Out Of Hell” cards I gave out; well I got ’em from Randy. So why do I mention This Is True? Because of this article, one of many in this week’s mailing:

TYPE OH: Moon God Drinking Products Co., a skin care company in China, has offered a bounty of 1,000 yuan (US$120) for every typographical or literary error found in a day’s editions of four Chinese publications in an attempt to embarrass journalists into better writing. Hao Mingjian, who came up with the idea for the bounty, said that “China’s press has lost its polish in the past decade or two,” which “reflects a chaotic cultural environment and shows people lack a sense of responsibility.” (Reuters) … Nice try, but journalists can’t be embarrassed.

I hate bad grammar, and this really amused the hell out of me. I used to write our local paper about their occasional atrocities, but once they actually argued with me. The Miami Herald, aka the Daily Fishwrapper, isn’t populated by the sharpest tools in the shed. It was, after all a headline with a terrible error with an apostrophe. Instead of apologizing, ignoring me, or otherwise moving on, I got a typed(!) letter from the editor in question arguing with me. Yes, it’s true. “The Shark’s Were Out” indeed. Not. After five years, this made the event pop back in my head.

And, a brief word about Google’s AdSense. Yeah, I’ve put ads up on my blog. This is recent and has been here for a few weeks — I doubt you’ve noticed, and judging by the click-throughs nobody else has either. You’re not supposed to draw anyone’s attention to them either (nor encourage people to click on them). But I want you to look at them for a minute. I find it fascinating, because sometimes some really weird ads come up. I understand why it was running roofing ads (my Wilma post) and sponsorship ads (my Panthers tirade) and even charity ads (my Katrina/Wilma posts), but sometimes I get some really messed-up ads. I think you’ll find them amusing sometimes.

Besides posting Google’s AdSense ads in the hopes of defraying some of this site’s expenses, I have also posted a link where you can just donate right to my webhosting bill. Donations go right to my webhosting account and not to me so no worries about me absconding with whatever pennies you may throw my way. Also, if you sign up for hosting at Dreamhost and give my address out, I will get a small credit towards my bill (or if you e-mail me, I can request the credit.) There were other far more lucrative options available to me for ads, but I didn’t want to be intrusive, and I thought this was the best way. Help the sites and blog continue in any way you feel fit.

Speaking of ads, the banner at the bottom is not an ad, but a link to a site I rather enjoy. Yes, I actually own a rap album now. And I really like it. So there. Deal. You might want to go there and listen to some of the songs. Gorillaz’ Demon Days is a truly rocking album. I bet nobody I know ever pegged me to deliberately buy a rap album. I’m thinking of buying their first album now. Scary, eh?

Oh, and someone I haven’t spoken to since 1984 sent me a holiday card today. I guess he Googled me. I used to work with him at the Used Computer Store when I was attending Berkeley. I can’t believe they still have the same logo, but they do. Anyway, his name’s Sina Balour and this is a little shout out because he was cool then. I bet he’s still cool now. Like I’m an authority on cool. Hah. As if.

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