Blow It Out Your Arse

Matt Deatherage (once famous as keeper of the Dogcow) made this post about Olestra (scroll halfway down). I feel obligated to report that I, too, once ate a can of Pringles made with Olestra. It had the most unfortunate side effect of cleaning out my entire intestinal tract in a very rapid fashion an hour or so later. I didn’t realize quite how widespread this problem was until I happened to run across his post.

Of course, when CK was experiencing some problems of an unspecified nature and was considering seeing a doctor due to the time involved, I suggested a can of same to alleviate it. I shall spare everyone any further details, but it most certainly had the desired effect.

The question is: why is this crap still on the market? 20,000 complaints? That’s no small number though in theory it’s statistically insignificant when compared to the entire population.

I am also allergic to NutraSweet (Aspartame) once it’s been cooked. I don’t trust Splenda for that reason. Maybe all these synthesized foods aren’t such a good idea. If the human body tries to blow them out your backside in a projectile, shouldn’t that send you a message? I figured it out and just don’t eat the stuff anymore.

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