Another Reason Why Bush Scares Me

The headline is only a bit misleading. He’s always scared me because he has neither a conscience or a soul. However, his latest gambit, surveillance of all Americans without due process required by law is just the final straw in a mountain of straws.

From the AP story you’ve all read “President Bush has acknowledged authorizing the super-secret NSA to eavesdrop on international phone calls and e-mails of people within U.S. borders without the approval of a court, as required by existing surveillance and wiretapping laws.”

Yes, apparently he feels he is above the law. All of us anti-Republicans (which includes all other parties and many people around the planet — possibly even French people) always knew he felt that way, but the fact he has acknowledged this has even appalled the Republicans. His own party realizes this is a political bombshell that will blow up. I cannot believe a government that tried to impeach Bill Clinton over oral sex — which had nothing to do with the governance of the country, hasn’t impeached Bush over this offensive attack on our personal liberties and freedoms.

Further, the EFF “sued AT&T Inc. on Tuesday for its alleged role in helping the National Security Agency spy on the phone calls and other communications of U.S. citizens without warrants. The EFF claims the San Antonio-based telecommunications company not only provided direct access to its network that carries voice and data but also to its massive databases of stored telephone and Internet records that are updated constantly.”

There are so many terrifying things in that last quote I don’t even know where to start. The italicized and bolded part above trouble me the most. If they don’t trouble you, that’s a telling thing. How would you like it if I kept those records? You wouldn’t of course. Why are you comfortable that AT&T, a private company, does? Do you trust these large corporations to have your best interest at hand? I hope note. There is only one thing they care about: profit.

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