Queen and American Idol

First, there was the new Queen, see my review at: Queen + Paul Rodgers (Miami Concert Review w/set list) and now there’s American Idol doing Queen. Many Queen fans expected a train wreck, and indeed a train wreck is what we got.

  • Fat Bottomed Girls: I never pictured this as a country song. I am not a country fan. “I didn’t hate it” is the best I can say.
  • We Will Rock You: I’m not sure who he rocked but it wasn’t me. I was not impressed.

  • Bohemian Rhapsody: As Simon said, “it didn’t look good on paper” — it wasn’t. But it could have been much, much worse. Let us hope nobody ever tries to be Freddie — because you can’t.

  • Who Wants To Live Forever: Puke. Execution for this singer. Please.

  • Somebody to Love: Entirely forgettable. Thankfully forgettable. The singer looked like he was taking a dump while singing with his facial expressions. Distracting.

  • Innuendo: Whomever came up with this idea just ought to be shot. This just proves the judges aren’t Queen fans. I hate the judges. Morons, the lot.

  • Crazy Little Thing Called Love: I actually liked this. Really. It was Elvis doing Queen, but I enjoyed it. And I’d listen again.

Show Must Go On: She had a great voice but not for this song. At least she didn’t embarrass herself.

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