TMJ, Clicking, Tinnitus, and Roofers Redux — Eclectic Isn’t It?

Wow. What an eclectic mix of subject we have in today’s update.

First, I went to the dentist yesterday because my tooth was hurting (tooth #3 if you’re counting). Not a big deal, really. Went in. They took an x-ray, saw it was infected, gave me an antibiotic and told me to come back in 10 days. Didn’t even charge me. No dentist will work on an infected tooth without urgent need. No big deal. Remember the dentist didn’t do anything.

Ever open a jar and close it again? Press the pop-seal lid down. It makes and odd clicking noise, right. Well on my left side (opposite of #3) I now hear that in my ear whenever the left side of my jaw moves. Started last night not long after my dental visit. Went back and she concurs with my self-diagnosis of a TMJ problem (TMJ = Temporo-Mandibular Joint). Said might be related to the infection or stress or by favouring not-hurting side of mouth. She said to tell my dentist that when I come back in 10 days. Suggested I take Ibuprofen for it and apply heat. Sadly, this is in my good ear. My bad ear has tinnitus. So far am getting no relief and am cranky about it.

Roofers have cleaned up their mess. My roof now has a full coat of new plywood, asphalt infused felt, tin tabs, and nails for same. Next up (who knows when) are hot-mopping and installation of tiles. Frankly, I am looking forward to losing the dumpster in my front yard.

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