Eric Rambles About Keywords and Revenue Stream

My rather old and dated blog entry Crazy Frog or Coldplay?
continues to draw thousands of visitors a week to my site. It’s given me over 70,000 hits to my blog — nearly 16% by keyword. Here are my historical most popular keywords as reported by Extreme Tracking as of today:


But that doesn’t tell the real story. If you look at referrers by actual website, it’s ugly:


Yeah, 69% of my traffic is from the Crazy Frog crowd. Sadly, they’re visitors I don’t want. They hang around for 10 or 20 seconds and leave — I have another tracking program that lets me see how long they stay. Even so, I suppose I should be thankful in a way because it did put my blog on the map. But Crazy Frog is not what I’d like to be known for. Sometimes I’m insightful, intelligent, funny, and sometimes I’m just a smart-ass. I’d gladly be known for any of those things, but I don’t want to be known as the first place on the web to go looking for Crazy Frog.

I was surprised, too, at what didn’t work in an effort to attract visitors. I made some deliberate posts to get people over by including words like Masturbation, after all the Internet is famous for porn, but those people didn’t come here (pardon the pun). I also tried discussing topics related to popular searches such as the pluma-pluma (aka numa-numa guy) but those didn’t help either. Even non-deliberate posts referring to my other Deliberate Posts didn’t work, though I suppose self-referential posts will never help.

On the other hand, Why Led Zeppelin Sucks, brings a fair number of quality visitors (at 8% it’s right behind that damnable Crazy Frog) but these folks stay and sometimes even post intelligent things. Their average visit exceeds 10 minutes, most of which, I suspect are spent reading all those comments. Too bad they all come to pick a fight, and they all react to the title without reading what I have to say. So some of the posts miss my actual point.
I’m trying to figure a way to turn those 70,000 visitors into a revenue stream of some-sort, but this Google Ad-Sense thing isn’t working well. Or at least people aren’t clicking through to the ads. I’d love suggestions.

Oh, and unrelated to this post, please visit my brand new photo gallery hosted on Flickr.

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