Market Boy (Play Review)

Market Boy, a play by David Elridge was at the National Theatre in London. It was advertised as a comedy about losing your innocence whilst selling shoes in the market set to a 1980s soundtrack. The soundtrack was the best part. Although I liked it, it started out okay and never got any better, and slowly dragging near the end.

Along the lines of Billy Elliot, and set in the same time period, Maggie Thatcher is brutalized (hysterically) throughout the show. As much as an Anglophile as I claim to be, I think I may have missed some of the nuances of the play. From a humour standpoint, it just never took off, and I do get British humour so that wasn’t the issue. The audience and I reacted (or not) to the same things.

Not much else to say, really, but I thought I’d post this here because if you want a true British theatre experience without suffering through Shakespeare this may be your destination.

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