Wow. I realize it’s time I get some updated into this blog, so here’s a large collection of Random thoughts to bring us up to speed.

  1. I went to work this weekend but the DSL was down so I didn’t accomplish as much as I would have liked.
  2. My DirecTV has been out for over a week now. Although a crew came, they couldn’t find the entire problem. I was back up and running, but now one of the three satellite signals is again not working. I guess I can hold out until the 8th when they replace the entire shebang.
  3. I bought some cargo pants (yay! I love cargo pants)
  4. I love playing with Velcro. Erin has a pair of pants with Velcro pockets. I always like to pull the Velcro apart. I have a number of friends with Velcro fastened accoutrements, and I like to terrorize all of them. This weekend, Erin had her revenge. I was wearing cargo pants (see above) that have a number of Velcro pockets. She kept opening them all day, and was a bit perturbed that I was basically nonplussed. She then noticed what she thought was another piece of Velcro and pulled on it. Imagine her surprise when she found out it was the zipper and my fly opened. Hell, imagine my surprise.
  5. I diddled with my computer today and intended to finish early and then go read, but I didn’t.
  6. I was really hoping Josh would call me, but that was (of course) another let-down. I am truly retarded because I keep thinking he will call. Stupid-ass me. That’s pathetic, I know. Hope springs eternal.
  7. I renewed my Panther tickets. Yes, indeed. They made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. See my Panthers Hockey Message Board for details.
  8. It won’t stop raining so my roofers haven’t been here in ages. That’s not their fault but that membrane has been sitting on my roof for ages and I wish they’d install it so my roof would be water-tight.
  9. I upgraded to Tiger (10.4.6) on my Mac today, finally. That probably shocked most of my friends, but it’s done and I don’t hate it — except it’s so damned slow I don’t know what to say. I installed some cool widgets and otherwise played around with that.
  10. My friends Jace and Grant may be coming to visit 7-21/22 and Thomas is off to New York from late July through early August, so I better find something to do to keep me busy.
  11. I wanted to go see Cirque Du Beatles in Las Vegas, but so far I’ve not heard anything from anyone which, quite frankly, is pissing me off. People need to check e-mail more often
  12. I tried to get some interest in a group trip to London with some friends, and towards that end I sent a spreadsheet to five people. Guess how many people even acknowledge receiving it? Yeah. Zero. Just goes to show you can’t do anything nice for anyone.
  13. Erin is helping with some SSI stuff so I can make my pages easier to maintain. She’s got a hell of a brain when it comes to HTML. Yay, Erin!
  14. I was missing some of my friends/ex-friends today (Tom, Jose, Josh, Eric). I hate when I get like that, but I do it often. It depresses me.
  15. I made a filet mignon for dinner accompanied by buttered rice — and for dessert I had Raspberries mixed with vanilla custard. And I just ate some cotton candy. Yum.

I don’t really have anything else to say but I thought it was my Blogger duty to bring everyone up to speed.

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