Why Dell Sucks

Why Dell Sucks was my original anti-Dell blog post. So, I am now experiencing a huge, joyful rush of schadenfreude* at this news:

Shares of Dell Inc. plunged to their lowest level in nearly five years Friday after the world’s largest computer maker slashed its second-quarter earnings outlook below Wall Street’s estimates, blaming its aggressive price cutting and a slowing global market.

Maybe it’s the fact they treat their customers like shit and word is finally getting out? Remember, don’t buy a Dell, or you deserve what you get.

The sell-off wiped out nearly $5 billion of Dell’s market value in a single day. And even though analysts believe the shortfall is largely a company-specific problem, the news sent shivers through the entire technology sector, with shares of companies that supply parts to computer makers….

Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy.

The news highlighted the notion that the “Dell era” is over, wrote UBS analyst Benjamin A. Reitzes in a note to clients, keeping a “Hold” rating on the company’s stock. “Internally, the company is in disarray. They are finding it difficult to compete because they are so used to winning,”

I pretty much feel like yelling at the top of my lungs: FUCK YOU MICHAEL DELL — YOU FESTERING WORTHLESS PILE OF SHIT.

BTW, in other Dell news, my Aunt has a new Dell laptop which her job provided. The transformer sparked and threatened to burst into flame when she tried to plug it in. She called them and they promised to send her one Next Day Air on Monday. As of Wednesday, it hadn’t arrived. She’s surprised at this. I can’t imagine why she’d be surprised at it, but she is.

* wow I’ve used this word twice in my blog — what a shock

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