Another PC Users Bites the Dust

As everyone knows, I am slowly changing the world one person at a time. How? By convincing the intelligent ones to use Macintosh instead of PCs with Windows. The intelligent ones just get it. They may not switch right away, but with an open mind and after trying it they switch. I’ve converted a number of people (Ernie, Jan) and convinced any number of people to choose wisely before buying their first computer (Josh). Yeah, there are more but this is just a sampling. It’s frustrating changing the world one person at a time, but then the people you change, well they start too. It’s called evangelizing, something that Guy Kawasaki espouses and has since his days at Apple.

David sent me this blog post from a writer, who also tried it and got it. Not everyone gets it, either. Those people should keep using PCs with Windows because, quite frankly, they deserve them. I’m not trying to belittle them or make fun of their intellect, because I do know some intelligent PC users — of course they’re almost all running Linux and not Windows — however on the whole I do find, as a group, Mac users are more intelligent, more creative, and more open to thinking better. PC Windows users just tend to think they’re all of those things without really being all of those things.

Oh, and the biggest character flaw in a Mac user according to most PC users: We’re all smugly self-satisfied and self-righteous 🙂 I guess they never stopped to wonder why….

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