Another Mac Story, of a sort….

Yes, I’m always going on about why PCs suck. It’s true. Or more accurately, at least PCs that are running Microsoft Windows.

Sometimes I blog about people who switch away from the PC to the Mac — I am, after all, on a mission to convert the world one person at a time.

Well here’s the story of someone who switched away from the Mac and to the PC. I’m sure you’re anxious to read his story. And you’ll see why all the smart people are switching to the Mac and not away. I’m confident this person has already plotted his return to Apple.

(He’s actually running an X-Server unit so the OS is really irrelevant from an operational standpoint. This is after all a security issue: something Microsoft doesn’t much care about.)

And as a special side bonus today Forbes Magazine reports that in an Apples-to-Apples* comparison that, a Mac Pro Beats Dell on Price! Yes, it’s true — and in Forbes, a magazine that has long been hostile towards the Macintosh.

8-28-06 Addendum not warranting a new post: There’s some more on Macintosh superiority. Read this from David Pogue’s NY Times commentary.

* What a great way to use that phrase 😉

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