15 Year Microsoft Vet defects

Good bye Microsoft; Pete Wright has now left the building! Yep, Pete Wright, a long time Microsoft pundit and evangelist has, yes, DEFECTED! Hail! Hail!

Read his blog entry (as linked above), for the whole story about why a 15-year veteran of Windows has bolted to the Mac as of yesterday. He says, “My Microsoft career is now officially over. Microsoft don’t innovate, in my opinion. Vista looks like a pile of crap compared to Mac OS X” I’d like to welcome Mr. Wright to the world we’ve all known for years.

He goes on to say about Microsoft’s development folks: “and developed by committees to solve every problem you could ever conceive of, while being ideally suited to solving none.” We Mac users knew that, and I’m glad he’s finally seen the light. Ah, sometimes things are great.

Rumours have been swirling that Vista is a huge disaster on the order of Windows ME which is why it’s been repeatedly delayed. Maybe Microsoft has finally lost enough touch with reality that people will run. Unfortunately, we Mac users have also realised the vast majority of people simply aren’t smart enough to realize exactly what they’re supporting: buggy beta software. Mac users simply don’t put up with that. We have standards. Windows users, for the most part, don’t realize it’s okay to expect more from your computer.

(If you don’t like the Mac and prefer Unix/Linux that’s fine, too. I’m anti-Microsoft not anti-PC.)

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