Blue October and MySpace

As I have said previously, I have a My Space account if you care to look me up. But that isn’t the point of this post. I will agree with all of you that MySpace has many things to ridicule relentlessly until the horse dies from beating. However, as I said, some of the bands are cool.

There’s some guy named Casterisk — I found him because he happened to be in one of my friend’s profiles. So, I clicked on his profile, just to see what sort of friends my friend had and playing in the background, there was this really cool song. It was so cool I wanted to own it, but there was no link to the song I could find. One of the many disadvantages of MySpace is that people can create pages that are hard to read and difficult to navigate and although this page wasn’t too bad, my poor eyes still couldn’t find the information.

I emailed him and asked him about the song. So he wrote back and told me who the band was. I ordered the CD I liked the song so much. I’ve got to tell you, the whole CD is fucking fantastic. It’s called Foiled and it’s by Blue October — be careful there are two bands with the same name. The song I loved was called “She’s My Ride Home” though it’s not the one you hear all over the radio.

Oh, and as a shout out to Casterisk, you should check out his MySpace page . He’s got a great MySpace blog with some really interesting things to say. Plus, you can hear that awesome song in the background — though it’s probably changed by now.

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