Republicans Realize They Have Heads Stuck Up Their Asses

Today’s Herald: “Republicans turned on one another Wednesday after losing control of power in Congress — blaming an out-of-touch, self-promoting party leadership for abandoning ethics and conservative principles and turning off the country.”

Veteran conservative strategist Richard A. Viguerie was especially caustic. “Every single member of the Republican leadership in the House should be replaced. They have failed the conservatives who put them in office, and they have failed the people of this country,” Viguerie said. “This election was also a referendum on the so-called ‘neoconservatives’ — the big-government Republicans who took us into a nation-building war while they busted the budget and enriched big business and its K Street lobbyists.”

Another casualty has been Dennis Hastert, Mr. Foley’s enabler. Yay. No loss there. You guys have alienated a lot of people and you were too stupid to see it. Maybe if you got your heads out of your collective asses you’d have seen this coming. America is tired of this. Family Values are great — I’m all for them. But you’re so busy killing these families with your war and bankrupting the half that’s left in order to preserve your greedy self-interests, you’ve lost touch with all of America.

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