I’ve Moved to Blogger Beta

I’m not sure how this will work, but I’ve decided to be proactive and beat the curve. Let’s see how well it works. Expect a new look really soon. Your patience with my learning curve is appreciated!

It’s really frustrating so far. I’ve got to tell you. I’ve added an HR tag between posts until I can get the template totally fixed.

Update: I also apologize to the Technorati users who visit. Due to some unknown bug, about 10 posts were made with the migration date (11-11-06) instead of their original date, so I’m trying to put them more or less back where they belong by changing the date to approximate where they belong. In addition, Technorati shows all 215 posts as new despite the fact most retained their original dates.

Again, apologies as this disaster was not intentional. Beta software certainly has issues.

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