Hating SCO and their nasty, evil ways

I have not had much to say in public, but I’ve had lots to say in private as my friends know. Anyway, thanks to Jose, I have this link wherein SCO was officially and legally flamed yesterday by the judge and told to stuff it where the sun don’t shine. The dance is pretty much over, and if you own stock in SCO, take heart because you can still use the certificates as toilet paper. The company is about to be worthless much like its CEO.

To quote the judge, “The court finds that SCO failed to comply with the court’s previous discovery-related Orders and Rule 26(e), that SCO acted wilfully, that SCO’s conduct has resulted in prejudice to IBM, and that this result, the inability of SCO to use the evidence at issue to prove its claims, should come as no surprise to SCO ….The court, therefore, affirms and adopts the Magistrate Judge’s June 28, 2006 Order in its entirety.” (emphasis mine; for grand effect, just read the bold stuff)

Read on, my friends, and rejoice in the news. Again, go to this link on Groklaw.

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