Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii

I am writing this to see if anyone out there among my friends, colleagues, or random blog-readers may be able to assist me in locating two items at regular price. I don’t want to go to e-bay and bankrupt myself buying this stuff at auction — I’ve seen those prices, I’m not interested. I’d much rather wait.

Here are the two items:
I am looking for a Nintendo Wii (This might be possible — I know people who’ve gotten lucky).
I’m also looking for a PS/3 60GB (model PS398000) — it’s got to be the 60GB. I don’t want the 20gb.

On either one, if it came in a bundle with games and stuff, that would be okay. I know that’s how most places are selling them, requiring a purchase of 3 to 5 games and/or an extra controller. That’s cool.

I will pay you up to full retail price plus tax. I will pay for shipping to me. I will also pay a finder’s fee of $20 for a Wii and $100 for a PS/3. This offer is good for 30 days from today.

I figure someone out there must have a friend who works at a mass-market or mom-and-pop electronics retailer. I almost got lucky at walmart.com yesterday, ’cause they had the Wii in a bundle with 8 games. I clicked add-to-cart, and then clicked proceed. Sadly, I got the “there are no longer any of these items to add to your cart” Damn and damn again. If I’d have started just a little less time sooner and clicked a little bit faster.

If, on the off chance I get lucky, I will let everyone know here so you don’t keep looking in vain.


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