Blogger Beta and WordPress

I have made a decision to switch to WordPress because Blogger Beta pretty much bites ass. It’s slower and has too many quirks. All my e-mails to tech support resulted in a 100% response rate: zero. And all of the bugs remain and now they’ve announced they’re coming out of beta and going live. It will be a disaster. But enough of that, I like Blogger and wish them well.

To that end, I installed WordPress and it works. However, I’ve got a glitch. The import tool for Blogger doesn’t support the Beta version and there’s no way to roll back to the unBeta version. So, I can’t make the switch. I really want my old posts (100s of them) and comments to come over. So, I’m stuck with Blogger for the moment.

If anyone out there can help, I’d appreciate it. I’ve spent hours with Google and WordPress ‘ online support looking for a solution but there doesn’t seem to be one at this time. The only solution online that seems to work requires installing two versions of WordPress (1.x and 2.x) and moving your posts through one at a time. I don’t have that much free time on my hands. I’d rather stick with Blogger.

Ah well. There you have it so far.

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