Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii Redux

In a previous post, Wither the PS/3 and Nintendo Wii I had asked for help locating a PS/3 and a Nintendo Wii. The offers of assistance were truly astounding. Amazingly, it all ended with the old standby, e-bay. Amazingly, I got a PS/3 60gb on eBay for just $55 over retail. Prices are falling on the PS/3 (rapidly) as supply is starting to appear. It also leads me to believe that they aren’t going to be a runaway success like the Wii. The Wii is 1/3 the price and impossible to buy. Further prices on the Wii are going up on e-bay while PS/3 is falling. And after playing both: the PS/3 has better graphics but the Wii is WAY more fun, and I think that’s what really counts.

I liked playing with Erin’s Wii. I am still desperately searching for a Wii at this moment. Assistance is still gladly welcome. Again, if you find a Wii before the end of the year (SRP $249) I will gladly pay you back including shipping, tax, and the $30 bounty.

I appreciate how many of you tried to help me on this quest.

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