A (Long) Night at the Museum

Well, the reviews are in. They’re mixed. Either you love this movie or you hate this movie — at least that’s how the reviews are. I was mildly entertained. There are some good parts, some bad parts, but it’s completely mindless. Sometimes, though, that’s okay.

It starts slow. Painfully so. But after about 20 minutes, it gets kicking. The premise is great, the execution, not so great. But there are so many cameos by famous people, it’ll at least keep you entertained. Just don’t think about how stupid it is, and you’ll be fine. Ben Stiller may be the least funny part of the film. The actor who plays his kid, can’t act very well but I can’t help but wonder if it’s the fault of the meandering director.

Robin Williams, Owen Wilson, Dick Van Dyke, Mickey Rooney all do some nice work here too.

If you want to be entertained, you will be. If you want to laugh, you might. If you want to be intellectually stimulated, this is not your film.

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