More On Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive

In my previous post entitled Music and the 1 Terabyte Hard Drive, I detailed my plans for this monumental project of ripping all my CDs into iTunes. It’s been a much larger task than I thought but here’s an update.

I am on the letter “S” today (remember, I’m only in my Pop/Rock library) and have 8.6 days of songs representing some 3600+ individual tracks. Once that’s done, I have my classical, world, show tune, new age libraries. I also have libraries of Beatles and Elton John CDs which are not included in my regular rock/pop library.

I am (if you count by CD and not contents) just about 12% done. Current calculations indicate that my spoken word collection will not make the cut because I don’t think the 1 TB hard drive will have space. This may change though because much of the stuff I haven’t got to yet (live recordings) will be recorded at tighter bit rates and that will save space.

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