The Pursuit of Happyness

The Pursuit of Happyness takes a long time, or it does if you go by the movie. I looked at my watch at least ten (10) times in this film, never a good sign. The acting was very good (at least by the Smiths). But the film was unbearably long. It was set in the early 1980s and one thing I noticed was very small details in the setting San Francisco. They went to the trouble to put up the proper BART maps on the walls of the train stations, but they left out the handicapped strips that were installed well after which any special effects person could have done. Yet they went to the trouble to get the fares right on the machine when they bought the ticket.

Oh, right, the film. I digress. I’d say something interesting about it, but it was really boring and interfered with my happiness. It’s a real downer even with its uplifting ending. I was upset by the spelling in the title, but happily they explained it early on.

I cannot recommend this film to anyone if you want to see it for the film. If you want to see Will Smith show his range, then by all means consider it a recommendation.

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