Why Blogger Beta Sucks

  1. This was reported over one month ago via the Blogger contact mechanism. I never got any reply. I understand it’s free, and I guess I’m getting what I’m paying for.
  2. This problem happens only with New Blogger (Blogger Beta that is not theoretically Beta anymore — it was not an issue with the Original Blogger). I can FTP normally from any other service and with any FTP client. This issue ONLY affects New Blogger.
  3. To publish a single (short) post takes 3 to 6 minutes or more. Prior to beta it took about one minute normally, sometimes two on a bad day.
  4. I tried to republish my blog yesterday which used to take 10 to 15 minutes under Original Blogger. It has been over FOUR HOURS. Same result again today. Started at 1705pm and it’s 2008pm and nothing besides the “taking longer than expected” error message.
  5. I’d have switched to WordPress, but Blogger Beta doesn’t convert properly yet using normal channels. I’m sure you may have seen my previous post about conversions. And there is now a solution, which I may try — though I much prefer someone do it for me if there are volunteers. The problem is, I’d have to get my blog to republish for it to work and it’s not working.

SOMETHING IS BROKEN WITH BLOGGER’S FTP PROCESS. My blog is hosted on my own website (Dreamhost is the hosting company) and I’m connected to Blogger via HellSouth DSL but that shouldn’t really matter since Blogger connects to DreamHost directly and it’s not actually through the blogger’s computer.

I really would like some sort of answer and a fix from Blogger, another DreamHost customer, or anyone out there in the world who uses New Blogger. My frustration is enormous, and Blogger has ceased to be fun or useful. Please, please, please help.

You can also contact me via e-mail at darsys (at) AOL (dot) com

(I was going to tell everyone how happy I was to have added Digg buttons but since everything is munged right now, I’ll have to pass. Some pages have managed to work, though, so you might start seeing them eventually).

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