Any Excel Gurus?

I need help. Here’s a sample spreadsheet:


Pretty easy for this example. I want to get the maximum of a row (say MAX A1,b1,c1) and then print the name associated with it. So I’d print TED for row 2, 3, and FRED for rows 4 and 5. My real example is much larger, but I’m unable to even get the concept. I’ve tried Google but haven’t found a good example yet. I’m sure there’s a solution.

2-13-07 update: A number of people have suggested the HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP but those functions both have limits as to where the data is placed. The actual data is far more complex, with five 6 x 6 grids of data and the MAX function is on random cels. If anyone wants the actual spreadsheet to see the issue, I will gladly provide a copy of one set of data. Maybe the solution is a Macro, If/Then, or some combination.

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