In My Ongoing CD Ripping Project

In a previous post or two, I’ve commented on this project. As of right now, I’m at 20.5 days of continuous music, representing over 7400 songs and counting. I’m on the Classical section and it’s slow going because of various discrepancies in the process that don’t happen with Rock/Pop CDs. With all the foreign names, I’m having to check the spelling and accentuation of each composer’s name before I rip and most don’t show in GraceNote meaning I’ve got to type all the album info, track names, and do forth.

Also the people who’ve uploaded them have often included the composer’s name as part of the title track. Like “Beethoven’s 9th” instead of “Ninth Symphony” with the composer as Beethoven, so everyone has to be hand edited. It’s really slowed me down. Some the artist is missing a first or last name. I’ve been on Google and Wikipedia quite a bit to clean everything up.

I’m trying to keep up the pace but it’s hard to do and my motivation has dropped. But I will still finish this project. It’s quite the challenge and I’ve learned a lot too.

As far as Classical music goes, the Baroque period is clearly what I like the best. Must be the romantic in me or something. It certainly doesn’t fit my character.

iTunes has a bug, BTW, where it doesn’t properly calculate the disk space. It rather insists all these songs only take up 40gb. A look at the disk information window (or even at the iTunes folder) clearly shows otherwise. Ah well.

I wish there was a way to find out how many CDs this represents without counting. At 12 tracks per CD average, I could guestimate. Maybe counting them will be my next project.

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