Eddie Murphy in Norbit (Review)

Eddie Murphy plays three starring roles in this film (Norbit, Rasputia, and Mr. Wong). It’s a really funny film, and makes you fondly recall back when he was funny before he started making really bad comedies. Yes, you remember those films. Happily, this movie is fun and funny. Nobody will mistake it for art, or even for making any sort of statement. It’s predictable and funny in spite of it.

The film is very simple. Boy meets girl, boy loses girl, boy finds girl from hell, boy find first girl. Hilarity ensues. I think everyone will find this amusing, though it’s certainly not politically correct. It’s just under two hours and is a great way to fill up some time on a Sunday afternoon that is football free.

To see Eddie as Mr. Wong is simply amazing. It’s hard to believe it’s even him. As Rasputia, it looks like a guy in a fat-suit, which is exactly what it is. In long scenes you can even see the leggings in some sports. Mostly, it’s good for those “squirmalicious” sort of laughs.

Continuity gaffe: watch the clock in the construction office. It’s never sure what it is, will be, or was.

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