Roof News and Cat News with an Acid Reflux Kicker

Weird combination, I know.

In the good news department, my roof today passed its final inspection. Blown away around 29 October 2005 by that bitch, Hurricane Wilma whilst I was in China. Installed by BET Roofing over a grueling 16 months, and finished and passed final inspection 13 February 2007. Now, I have to pay them. Unpleasant, that.

In the bad news department, my cat is sick. I took her to the vet yesterday after nearly a week of her not eating her food, drinking water from the toilet bowl and not her bowl (this is new and odd behaviour for her). I replaced the water bowl, her food bowl, changed her food, and nothing interested her. I thought maybe it was the return of the urinary tract infection from hell, but a blood test (they make them so you can do it at home) came up negative. Despite this, I took Scooter to the vet Monday evening for a $440 emergency check-up. All results came back negative, but she’s still not eating or drinking. She is throwing up repeatedly what little she does eat. She did have a tooth infection which we are treating — that would explain the not eating but not the drinking and puking. She’s also on a vitamin supplement. Tuesday, she goes for tooth surgery on the tooth. They’re not sure what they’ll do about it yet but that depends on what happens between now and next Tuesday.

I go to the Gastrointestinologist tomorrow to see why my Acid Reflux has spun wildly out of control and medication won’t fix it. My guess is it’ll be a quick appointment with tests to follow.

And an apology to those of you I’ve offended by being very distracted these past few days. So there you have it.

Oh, and work’s a bitch and I am hopelessly overloaded.

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