Eviscerating My Yard with an Endoscopy at Work

First, my lawn was eviscerated by the lawn people: the same lawn people that do our common areas. Only they aren’t my lawn people, and they came on to my property, and hacked my beautiful shrubbery to death with what I would assume was a chainsaw. It’s the latest picture on my Flickr blog if you want to see how horrible it is now (just the particular photo here). You can see the remnants of their “work” laying on my lawn — not even the decency to clean it up. I left my management company a terse message today and naturally they didn’t return my call, so I left another far less polite message which they returned very quickly. They’re really bad at that. Anyway, he had the lawn guy call me. The lawn guy said he wanted to see it before he commented. He did have the decency to sound very apologetic when he called back. He couldn’t quite believe what they did or even why. He’s agreed to replace them, so I won’t be too harsh if they do. He was unable to explain why they were in my yard, and even if it wasn’t my yard, why they would just hack everything off about 8 inches off the ground.

In other, far less fun news, I will be at the hospital on 3 March 2007 for an Endoscopy to see why my Acid Reflux has gone wild. Actually, the doctor isn’t too concerned, but he wants to see what’s going on before further discussion ensues. I like this doctor. When I went into his office, I filled out some basic forms, but they didn’t ask about allergies, previous issues, or anything. I thought it odd. But guess who does it? The actual doctor asks you questions, writes the answers himself, and asks more questions if warranted. Very nice, very friendly. And he asked me about ice skating, but he still says I need the Endoscopy. He’s agreed due to my circumstances of not being able to easily miss work to do it on a Saturday morning. I will probably be able to attend the hockey game that evening, though whether or not I will be able to talk is up for debate. It’s pretty easy, I show up at 7am, they start at 8am, and release me by 10am. (Which means 1pm if you’ve ever been to a hospital — they don’t work on normal people time). I spoke to Austri and she said I shouldn’t worry, so I won’t.

At work, we’re still seriously understaffed. We’re looking for people who are already knowledgeable about our products for warehouse work. We’re also looking for an operations manager — that pays pretty well too but I’m not hopeful we’ll find anyone qualified enough

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