Terabyte HD and the CD Ripping Project Update

In three previous posts to date: one, two, and three, I’ve commented on this project. As of right now, I’m at 23.5 days of continuous music, representing over 8300 songs and counting. I’m on the Soundtrack section and this one’s interesting because I’m wondering exactly why I even bought some of these. Yeah, a good track here and there, but do I really need the entire Empire of the Sun soundtrack? And why do I have both London and Broadway cast recordings of Cats?

The one that will be really fun (insert sarcasm here) is my multi-lingual collection of Les Misérables soundtracks. I have a lot of these, and I’ll have to encode them, so they don’t register as duplicates. Won’t take too long.

I’m still trying to keep up the pace but it’s hard to stay with it; I’m probably done for the week and will try to resume this weekend. But I maintain that I’ll still finish this project by June. I started New Year’s Day and figured it would take 4 to 6 months.

After soundtracks, there’s nothing much left except my Elton John library. I’ve saved that for last. I will not be including my spoken word CDs; that seems sort of pointless to include CDs containing interviews and such.

After it’s done, as I said in post one, I’ll slowly check my original playlist, and remove songs that are in my master list. I want to make sure I legally own everything. Then I’ll go on a shopping spree to buy whatever I may not legally own. Yay. Then, I get buy new stuff. Watch my Amazon wish list later this year!

Advice, suggestions, and help solicited for this way-cool ongoing project.

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