Scooter Update

A busy day for me, to be sure. I came home after receiving the hernia news, and had a message to please contact the vet’s office to schedule an appointment for more blood work on my cat Scooter. Of course, I immediately called and made an appointment to do so. (If you’d like to see pictures of Scooter, feel free to peruse them .)

Not 15 minutes later my phone rings again and it’s the vet. Dr. Diaz who thought she may have a thyroid condition because her previous tests (T3) were all one point out of whack and scheduled the second test (T4) but said her results came back perfectly normal. He said she doesn’t need to go on medication; and as long as her appetite and behaviour are normal, she doesn’t need to go back to the vet. He recommends a check-up every six months just to be safe.

At least there was some good news today.

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