Video Game Console Wars

Whither PS/3, Xbox-360, and Nintendo Wii? Ah, well I am so glad you asked. In the 24 March 2007 issue of the Economist, they do an analysis of which of these systems is better.

So far, The Xbox 360 has sold the most consoles but is flopping in Asia while doing well in the US and parts of Europe — speculatively because they launched much earlier.

Nintendo can be proud of the Wii having accelerated sales far faster than anyone else, and still having scarcity based on demand in many markets. Analysts expect sales to taper off because the graphics on the Wii are inferior compared to other offerings. I tend to disagree because the Wii (in my personal experience) is way more fun than any video game I’ve played in ages.

Sony claims PS/3’s relatively slow sales are the result of low availability, but we all know they’re in stock everywhere unlike the Wii. (The Xbox also has Ample supply). However, many people buying the PS/3 are in search of a Blu-Ray player and not a video game console, considering that a nice bonus.

So who’s the winner? The answer will absolutely, positively shock you. In the month of December alone the Sony PS/2 (not PS/3) outsold both the PS/3, Wii, and Xbox 360. Yes, the PS/2 is still winning the race.

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