Free Broadband For Life Courtesy of Google

This is for people who sign-up today and today only. Hurry and see for yourself about this new and wondrous technological marvel. Leave it to the fine folks at Google to come up with TISP! Yes, you can have free lifetime broadband via TISP courtesy of Google.

Being new technology, please make sure you read the installation instructions and FAQ which are linked from the main TISP page. I suggest you pay special heed to the press release. There is a Google Group for support as well which already has nearly 2000 posts, but all seems to be going as planned. There’s also a comparison of plans available because the free version is amazing, but there’s also the 2 plan and the royal flush plan if you want to pay a little for a lot more power.

For your pleasure, here’s the URL:

Google will take over the world one day. I’m sure of it.

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