Funniest Commercial Involving Petty Crooks

Sometimes I just must embed a video despite my better judgement.

This video almost made me wet my pants. It’s a commercial It’s in Thai but it has subtitles. Very funny. I suggest you watch whilst eating Yogurt (Yoghurt). Just stick with it. There is a payoff.

The spoiler is here, but you’ll have to highlight it to see it:

White Text / Highlight To See (START)

Yeah, these guys are breaking into a bank. They find the safe, open it, and find out there’s no money. In fact, it’s a freezer. All this takes place whilst security watches them on the surveillance camera. They look at it, and decide it’s Yoghurt, and figure they might as well eat it which they do. Pan out to security guards doing a spit take, and further pan out to name of building which is “Sperm Bank”

White Text / Highlight To See (END)

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