Post 299: More on Aetna and other unrelated stuff

Let’s see, this is the 299th post in my blog so the next post will be a milestone of sorts. I will be sure and either commemorate it or perhaps entirely ignore it.

Aetna Sucks Worse Than A Two-Bit Whore

Today, I sent a formal complaint to the State of Florida department of insurance regulation about the crap Aetna has put me through. More importantly, I sent a copy of that complaint to Ronald A. Williams, Aetna’s CEO. I doubt I’ll get an answer, because as you’ve seen in my previous posts (especially this one) you have by now realized Aetna cares not one whit and not one iota about its clients and would prefer they all drop dead rather than actually try and help them — think of all the money they’d save!

I realize some Aetna employees may be reading this, and I believe some of you may actually care about your clients, but I maintain that your company as a whole and your company’s policies are grossly negligent towards the care and well-being of your patients. When you become so arrogant that you feel your policies are more important than those of a licensed medical practitioner, then there is something horribly wrong with your company. I deeply resent a computer and a clerk telling me they want to question my doctor over my prescription, and as much as I resent, I can assure you my doctor resents it more, because he told me so. You have forgotten that your patients are human beings, if you haven’t forgotten then you just don’t care. I’m not sure which is worse. Repulsively disgusting.

Product Recalls

In other news, there has been yet another product recall (today: mouthwash) which has been contaminated. In recent months there’s been cat food, dog food, mouthwash, spinach, lettuce, peanut butter, and so forth. A slew of recalls in recent months. There are forces at work here, mostly the government letting companies get away with murder, perhaps? I almost am ready to agree with conspiracy theorists on this one and we all know how much I loathe conspiracy theory. But there’s just too many in too short a time. And what’s worse, if it’s as easy as a farm worker crapping in a field to cause massive outbreak of e-coli, just think how easy it would be for a terrorist to drop something far, far, far worse into the food supply. Or, perhaps, it’s best if you don’t think about it — especially if you have Aetna because you’ll probably die.

My Photo & Home Movie Library

I’ve also decided to digitize my entire photo library. I should thank Rangeek for this because he and I were talking (ie: e-mail) and I thought it would be cool to see old photos, but I bemoaned the lack of patience to do the job and thought it would be a good business idea. Of course, with Google , you can find anything. And, indeed a search found any number of companies that do this — not all of them reputable.

I plan to have my entire photo collection (photos, negatives, slides, everything) put on CDs and my home movies including the infamous New Year’s Eve parties put on DVD. I will make them available to my friends who attended. I will slowly post some of the photos to my Flickr page. This project will cost me at least a grand and take two months, but it’s worth it. I have photos of some good memories that are irreplaceable (such as this one). And I’d like to have a set of CDs to put in a safe-deposit box somewhere after I make copies to share. I can also clean up some of the older, grimy photos with Photoshop. I plan to ship off three cases of material to the company within two weeks.

I have photos from my Boy Scout days, college days, childhood, and such. I have photos of relatives, pets, places, vacations. There’s so much there. 90% of it is meaningless to anyone but me. But people are funny about photos. Survey after survey asks people what they would save first if their house would burn down (excluding people and pets) and the answer is overwhelmingly photos.

I may post some of the videos on a secure password protected webpage on my site one day for your download amusement. But it’s really boring if you weren’t there in many cases. Parties, trips to the zoo, a road trip. Then again there are some very interesting things on there that, perhaps, I may not want to share. I’ll watch ’em first. But the video of Paul counting shoes on the bridge to Tomorrow land is pretty damned priceless. Maybe I’ll charge him $50,000 not to post it. Of course on that same tape I’m terribly hung-over the next morning, so I won’t win any prizes either. Heh. Seriously, once it’s done (updates posted here) I will report what is and isn’t available.

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