Post 300: Microsoft’s Arrogance And Stupidity

An interesting article (here) about Windows Vista by Andrew Grygus. It’s fitting that my 300th post is yet another tirade against Windows. Actually, it’s more my commentary on someone else’s tirade. This guy is vehemently anti-Mac and I’m still going to talk about what he had to say because he gets it. Microsoft has gone from bad to worse.

He recounts a famous story where, James Allchin, co-president of Microsoft ‘s Platform Products and Services Group wrote an internal memo saying that Microsoft had lost touch with customer needs and if he didn’t work there he’d buy an Apple Macintosh. Allchin retired the day Vista shipped but his memo lives on.

There are many issues with Vista’s DRM components and by using them you waive your right to privacy. If you use Vista, Microsoft knows who you are, where you are, and where your computer is physically located. And they can disable your computer. Yes, they can render your computer non-functional if they find it not in compliance. No joke. If you install a driver program and they do not feel it meets the current DRM specification, they can cause Vista to cease to function. You just sold your soul to Microsoft — aren’t you glad? I’m not making this up. Spend some time on Google. I am not anti-PC (yay Linux) but I am vehemently anti-Microsoft and even more anti-Windows. I just don’t understand why anyone in his/her right mind would use it.

The answer is often, “we use it at work” — and that is a reason for you, personally, to use it at work. However, the question is: why would your company allow it? At my office we run an IBM branded AIX based p-series server. Almost our entire company functions using dumb terminals (IBM 3153) connected to this. Do we have some PCs? Yes. Our voice mail system is on an isolated e-machines PC, UPS WorldShip runs on another, another that runs QuickBooks (which I am working to make go away), and the Internet station so people can look up stuff on the Internet and run Word and Excel. The last unit will be replaced with a Mac when it expires, but why obsolete something that works. I have a PC laptop but that was for budgetary reasons, and it gets maybe 14 or so days of use a year, mostly when I am sent places like China. I won’t even go into the security issues with Windows.

I will, however, ask again why any sane person anywhere on the planet would use a computer when the company that made the operating system can disable your machine? Do you want a company to have that much power over you? Especially when that company is Microsoft?

Seriously, read Andrew Grygus’s article here and then James Allchin’s internal memo from Microsoft (internal memo) and ask yourself what the hell you think you’re doing? There’s nothing inherently wrong with an Intel based system* but stick OS-X on it or AIX or Linux, or something that is not Windows. Stop the insanity.

*I prefer PowerPC myself, but that’s just me. Geek that I am.

(And that concludes my 300th post. I want to thank my regular readers who subscribe via RSS feed as well as my thousands of itinerant visitors who pass through. Thanks for the e-mails and comments. I like comments.)

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