A Plethora of Palabras

Wow. This will be a busy post. I have a lot to say.

First, this YouTube Video has me highly stressed. I’ve got a very low opinions of all politicians, but is this little clip (verified, thanks) a racist rant from Hillary Clinton? It’s her but is what she saying racist? Interesting thing to wonder about. I have to wonder why you’d repeatedly point out why you’re white thus drawing attention to the fact your opponent is black. I hereby officially throw my hat in the Obama ring — my first public statement of support for any candidate (none of whom I am overly thrilled with). This hat contingent upon whatever fool he picks as VP.

Second, the evil empire, AKA Microsoft, has come public about COFFEE. Yeah, the same company that sells many of you guys your operating system software and recommends and installs all sorts of security updates has given an all-access pass to your local law-enforcement agency. No joke. This is just absurd. And if there’s such a simple back-door to get around your operating system protections, how long for the terrorists to figure it out? The USB thumb drive contains 150 Microsoft programmed special commands to allow the user to decrypt passwords, recover all of the computer’s data stores, and read a complete log of the computer’s Internet activities. It works on-site with any Windows-loaded computer, including PDAs.
That means not only your desktop but your mobile device too. I’m glad I’m not using their programs — the question is why are you?

  1. Jesus Made Me Pukeis the title of a Rolling Stone article. David Higgins gets credit on this. While I subscribe to Rolling Stone, I hadn’t yet read this issue. Why should you read it? You want to know what evangelicals do behind closed doors? Actually, you probably don’t want to know. But you should. You might just lose a little sleep at night after reading this.

  2. Tina Turner is coming out of retirement. She’ll be here November 2nd and I’m excited. I’ve put in for the ticket lottery and hope to score some. The tickets go on sale Monday. Oh PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE. I wish the International Tina Turner Fan Club was still around and giving us the good seats. Damn. I love Tina. See my review of her final Florida concert here.

  3. Cal Rugby once again dominates the Rugby universe. The California Golden Bears blasted out to a 40-0 half-time lead and never looked back against Brigham Young University, taking the 2008 national collegiate championship, 59-7, this past Saturday at Stanford’s Steuber Rugby Stadium. It was the fifth straight title for the Bears and 24th in the history of the Cal rugby program making them the most dominating team in any Division One college sport.

  4. I’ve got Neil Diamond tickets for 10-26-08, which I am also excited about. Nobody cares but me, but, yes, I love Neil Diamond and am greatly looking forward to his concert. I am going with the Mann family.

  5. Last, but not least, a brief review of a quirky book called “The Somnambulist” by Jonathan Barnes. This book is unusual. Very much so. I rather enjoyed it. It’s set in London — the Victorian one. It’s got humour of the driest sort, often black at that. It’s got adventure. If the title frightens you, this book isn’t for you. It’s got lots of big $50 words, all used properly and without any effort by the author. It’s quite the entertaining piece, and if you’re in need of something different, this book is for you. I mostly recommend this to readers who would enjoy light fantasy and light science-fiction. Others will not appreciate its charms.

  6. Don’t forget to read Little Brother. I’m serious. Read this book.

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