Here We Go Again: More Photos

Today I have posted another 18 photos on my Flickr account. In a previous post, I said that I sent all my photos and negatives in to be digitized. These come from the second batch that was returned. There are some priceless photos in here, and they are making me happy and sad and sentimental at the same time. I will posting selections in groups of 16 every day or two over the next week. There are nearly 3,000 photos. That is not a typo. I am looking at EVERY SINGLE one and picking the best, including some very rare photos as well as some that I probably ought to be embarrassed by.

At some point, if I’ve known you more than five years, you can expect that at least one photo of you will work your way in here. Again, I’ve said it before: some of these are meaningful to almost nobody but me. I’ve found some amazing stuff. I’ve got pictures I didn’t remember: lots of them. If you’re part of my life now (or were) and have stuff you want to see, I’ll take requests. I’ll also provide the original files if you want. Take a look if you’re interested.

6-27-07: 16 more photos today.
6-28-07: 16 more photos today (15 new, and 1 corrected).
6-28-07: Italicized text was modified from original post

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