First, a Scooter Update

Scooter is home. I picked her up from the vet earlier today. I’d love to tell you she’s feeling fine, but she isn’t. However, she is thrilled to be home. I spent some time with her, then left her alone for a short time to do a few errands. She cannot walk all that well, but she can walk. She made it to her litter box (and used it), she made it to her food bowl (and ate barely anything), and she managed to jump into my chair where she was fast asleep when I came home. She doesn’t smell too good, but I think that’s because they weren’t expecting her to come home today. She’s also got a shaved leg where the IV was located. (See previous post if interested).

It still hurts me to watch her try and walk. On the one hand she is walking, on the other hand I use the term walking very loosely. It’s more like staggering you’d see on a drunkard. But she seems happy, and is grooming herself. I brushed her repeatedly because she’s shedding like mad. She sat in my lap for hours.

I spoke with Dr. Child who informed me that she was eating and has regained an entire pound. However, I suspect it’s mostly fluid from the IV. I will continue to monitor her carefully. She’s also going to be on a wet food diet for a little while, so she’ll eat more and I’m going to increase her rations. I have the pills which I have to give her twice a day for the next month before they decide what the future dosage will be. I also got pill pockets to try to see if she’ll eat them without a fight that way. My regular vet would like to examine her, but I will wait a few days rather than traumatize her with another vet’s visit — she also has to go back to the ER vet in 3 weeks for a follow up there.

I spent most of the day at home with her reading Harry Potter, and a review will be coming shortly.

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