Flickr: Photos from darsys (round three)

Today I have posted a new set of 12 photos on my Flickr account. In an older post, I explained the project. My last post was about three weeks ago: I got in my last few photos as I had mentioned at the end of that post.

I also got some awesome videos that just won’t fit on a DVD — though a few will fit on Dual-Layer DVDs. Contact me for information about those. I suggest bringing your own external hard drive if you want those.

As I said in the previous posts, I encourage you to add any comments/notes to the photos if you remember something that I didn’t, especially when it comes to identifying people. Also, you can buy prints of any photo on Flickr where there’s an “Order Prints” button. This is not something I make money on nor approve of or object to, but if you want an actual printed copy, it’s the fastest and best way….

I will post the last few photos tomorrow. After that I’ll take requests if you have any. (Such as “please don’t post any more of yourself”).

7-24-07: As promised, the last batch was posted today.

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