PS2 Most-Played Console in June according to Nielsen

Excerpt: NEW YORK (AP) – More than 68 million people played video games on a console last month, spending much of it on Sony Corp.’s older PlayStation 2, according to Nielsen research.

Seven years after its launch, Sony’s PS2 was still the most-played console, accounting for 42 percent of video game use during the month. Microsoft’s original Xbox took second place with 17 percent, followed by the Xbox 360 with 8 percent. Nintendo’s GameCube ranked fourth with 5.8 percent. The numbers suggest that older machines remain popular despite last November’s high-profile debut of Nintendo Co.’s Wii which had 4 percent and Sony’s PlayStation 3, 1.5 percent.

What does this suggest? PS2 continues to dominate the market. The X-box pair together total 25% and Microsoft’s Xbox Unit Posts $1.9 Billion Loss which is good news indeed. Nintendo Game Cube is the loser here, as it will slowly fade away. Wii is a strong contender and the only reason it’s not more popular is that you just can’t find one. Sure, it’s not hardcore but it IS fun which is what really matters. PS3 is stagnant, and I fault the lack of any games whatsoever. It’s great because I use mine as a Blu-ray player, but that’s not going to sell units.

Speaking of the format wars, Target Corp. confirmed yesterday that it will promote the rival Blu-ray format for high-definition DVDs this holiday season. They join Blockbuster in taking sides. Microsoft is in the HD-DVD camp. Yay.

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