All Sorts of Tidbits

  1. Yesterday my roofers met me at my house after I complained about a leak in my new roof that they have fixed 5 times. I said perhaps they should send a small guy up in the attic to see where the problem really is. They met me, and stuck their head in the attic, insisting they didn’t want to go in. After looking at the actual roof and seeing no obvious leak, I pointed them in the general direction, and they sent the smallest guy up. All that and it isn’t a roof leak. The AC duct has a crack (no idea why) and the 50-degree AC air reacts with the 120 degree attic air and produces condensation. In short, it’s raining INSIDE my roof over the hallway ceiling. Tomorrow, Xelor is coming to try and fix it. I hope.

  2. My left shoulder muscle popped out again last night, so hurt when I woke up. I thought it would get better as it sometimes does. It didn’t and got worse, so I called Dr. Yoham at 4pm and asked if he could see me. He said he was leaving but if I came over fast, he’d work on it. I made it there at 4:35pm and he spent some time on it, but it still hurts. Damn it to hell. It really hurts to move it.

  3. In my unending quest to find out the mysterious source of my rash, I went to an allergist today. At first, he was a bit cool until we inadvertently found out we had a mutual friend. He became much more friendly after that. Today, I got a two battery of tests. First, I got pricked with 30 blue plastic needles to see if I had any obvious allergies. (They mark your skin with a pen and then nick over each mark in order to see which ones swell.). I am allergic to horses, parakeets, and dust mites. They did the second test where an actual needle is used (like a shot) and I received 24 injections in the left arm and 30 injections in the right arm for a total of 54 injections — imagine getting 54 shots in 10 minutes. Each battery you have to sit for 15 minutes for a reaction. I am not allergic to most moulds (odd) and barely allergic to cats. I am violently allergic to dust mites. On a scale of 1 to 4, I rated a 4++++. All that would be fascinating except based on the rash, these aren’t the causes. Next week I go back on Tuesday to get the patch test installed (which I must wear for 48 hours) and then Thursday to have it removed and read. Then Friday I go in for another battery of tests (more injections, Yay), and a consultation with the doctor.

  4. Did I mention how much my shoulder hurts? I want to cry.

  5. Happy Birthday, Adrian.

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