“I Am David” — The Best Movie You’ve Never Heard Of

So, today, Xelor returned to replace my entire air-conditioning duct system. Fie I say, FIE! They started around 830 or so and finished near to noon. When they showed me the crap growing in and on the old duct-work I was pretty glad it ended up being replaced. A brief scare when one of workers jumped out of the attic and ran downstairs, blood streaming everywhere, but it turned out to be a tiny pin-prick of a hole on the top of his head where he hit himself on a rafter.

Anyway, the point is, that project gave me time to watch TV which I don’t normally do on a Saturday morning. There is, as you might imagine, absolutely nothing on whatsoever. I then went down into the movie channels to see what might be there. I see a movie called “I Am David” which is an odd title, so I flick on IFC to see what it’s about as it’s just about to begin. I figure I’ll give it 10 minutes before I give up and go to my computer.

What an engrossing, moving, stupendous film. I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this. It’s the story of a kid in 1952 who is in a post-WWII communist concentration camp and his subsequent escape and journey to Denmark, though he’s not even sure why. It’s a downer at times, but ultimately an uplifting film. It’s based on Anne Holm’s internationally acclaimed novel North to Freedom (which I will say I’d never heard of prior to this).

Rush out and buy this film. I thought it was way better than Little Miss Sunshine and you all know much I loved that. (I am not comparing the two because they are two totally different unrelated films — just give you some perspective).

This film gets 5 stars out of 5. Or on a scale of 1 to 10 it gets a solid 9 or so….

Some sites refer to this film as “My Name is David” but I’m not sure why — that is not the correct title.

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