Random Tidbits

SCOOTER UPDATE: She’s feeling a bit better after we saw Dr. Child — Dr. Child has a much better bedside manner than the other two doctors in the office. Plus, she’s a cat owner. Cat owners make better cat vets than dog owners (and vice versa).

She changed Scooter’s medicine levels to 1-1/2 pills per day, down from her original 2 but up from the 1 that the other doctor recommended. She’s still got all sorts of symptoms — but most have lessened except the thyroid stuff — but she seems happy and doesn’t seem to be in any pain. I have to make the appointment to take her back in late September. At some point I also have to take her to see Dr. Diaz (my regular vet). I’m just reluctant to get two doctors involved if the first one seems to be doing a good job and knows what she’s doing. [This has nothing to do with the fact the vet is very cute. I promise.]

SHOULDER UPDATE: I saw Dr. Levitt today — my orthopaedic surgeon. My shoulder saga — on and off again — being painful and unpleasant. I figured I’d best check and see what the hell was wrong. His assistant made an initial assessment before the doctor saw me. Then sent me to a brand-new x-ray machine that is digital (no film, film cartridges, or any of that). They take it and it’s done — and if they don’t like it, they take another one. They can zoom it in/out and rotate it all from their control box. It looks like an MRI room actually only it’s full of gantries so the machine can move around on its own or with their help.

A few moments later, I was back in the doc’s office with the results. I kid you not — under five minutes for the answer. The good news is: absolutely, positively, no serious damage and no surgery required. I am to continue to see my chiropractor. I was told what to tell him. But basically the muscle is knotted up and not in the wrong place and that’s causing pinching and it just needs to be re-aligned. He asked me a lot of questions about my chiropractor — because he feels most are quacks (as do I) — but my answers satisfied him. And he gave Dr. Yoham the a-ok.

REST OF ME UPDATE: I also asked Dr. Levitt about a number of my other joint aches and pains. Sadly, his answer was the one I feared. I’m getting old and all those aches, pains, pops, and noises are part of the process. He said to do nothing out of the ordinary and hopefully it won’t get much worse. I have mild arthritis in my knees, but that’s not a surprise. It happens if you have surgery on your joints. Nothing life-altering. Yay.

RANDOM NEWS: In unrelated health news, I have an uncomfortable itch. You don’t want to know where. I had to tell someone, and that someone is you. Aren’t you lucky? In even more unrelated news, London is still not looking very good, and I’ve thrown out a last-ditch plan before I throw in the towel and try to combat the resultant depression.

SITE NEWS: I will have some soon. If you’re clever and have been around http://www.panthershockey.net or my other pages http://www.darsys.com and http://www.darsys.net you may have already figured out what the announcement will be. But no formal announcement for 5 to 10 days. It’s all related to the fact that the site authority level has been creeping up. We hit 3 earlier this year, and 4 a few months ago, 5 recently, and 6 yesterday. That’s good because it means people are paying attention. That means more eyeballs. And those eyeballs (insert your own conclusion here).

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